New Name, New Direction

Hello friends, with time comes change and it has come time for me to change directions musically. This has been a long time coming in terms of how long I have been working on this new music and with some thoughts on the artist name I go by.

In the past couple years that I have been releasing music under the artist name Yordy, no less than 4 other artists have begun to release music under the same name. That can be pretty confusing for people trying to find my music.

Going forward, I will be releasing music under the name Brave Machine. With this change of name comes a new musical direction as well. While I am not abandoning the singer songwriter genre entirely, you won’t hear much of it from me in the short term. Brave Machine is more of a synth infused pop punk venture. Some might call it neon punk.

Until my new Brave Machine website is live, you can continue to follow updates on my current facebook page here. The first single releases on November 22nd!

Thanks for listening!